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Bread & Butter Book, The Oxfordshire Cook Book, 6 X Cultured Butters and a Tote bag. ** DEAL **

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**FREE DELIVERY** Bread & Butter Book, The Oxfordshire Cook Book, 6 X 210g Hand crafted cultured butter wheels and an Ampersand blue cotton Tote bag.

The deal features:

“Bread & Butter” a recipe and history book written by myself (Grant Harrington), Eve Hemingway and Richard Snapes.

** Bread & Butter is a love letter to two glorious, artisanal products that have graced our tables for centuries. The book delves deep into the history and culture behind the bread and butter partnership, taking a global overview that brings us to the present day.
It also shares more than 50 outstanding sweet and savoury recipes that celebrate the best of both bread and butter. There are key recipes for a variety of breads (flatbreads, brioche, grain loaf) and butters (real butter, ghee, flavoured spreads), as well as recipes that bring the two together, from simple buttermilk scones or bread puddings, to a brioche and brown butter ice-cream and spelt buttermilk pancakes.
Bread and butter are put on the table to be eaten and enjoyed, and this book shows you how to prepare both brilliantly - but it also explores how bread and butter are used in celebration, myth and story across the world. It covers the traditions, the flavours and the making processes. And it's a celebration of the most humble, but arguably most important, pairings in food history.**

“The Oxfordshire Cook Book”
My first book, feature in a recipe book on the county I am immensely proud to be based in. OXFORDSHIRE
Featuring Michelin star recipes & of course cultured butter.

**A celebration of the amazing food and drink in Oxfordshire.
Featuring over 45 stunning recipes.
The county of Oxfordshire has a rich history, from world renowned academic institutions, to stunning architecture and surrounding areas of outstanding natural beauty.
The Oxfordshire Cook Book showcases some of the finest foodie businesses in the region, sharing stories and recipes from the chefs, restaurateurs, bakers, artisan makers and producers that make up this exciting culinary community.**

1 X @ampersanddairy Blue cotton tote bag


6 X 210g Wheels of Cultured butter.

Available only in the UK.