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& Grant.

A message from the maker:

I created & (Ampersand) in late 2014, with the sole target of making butter taste as buttery as possible. After working as a Chef in fine dining restaurants, finally at Fäviken, Sweden, the last restaurant inspired me to learn why traditional and ancient, butter predominantly, making techniques actually produced a more flavourful, buttery, product.

After a year of further research on flavour-led dairy fermentation, building and installing a Dairy on a small farm in Oxfordshire, I felt eager to start supplying local Oxfordshire gastropubs. This has since led to supplying the UK's highest rated restaurants, currently over 60 Michelin stars worth, including: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Jason Atherton's Pollen street social and Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir.

It makes me incredibly happy to offer the same hand crafted Ampersand cultured butter for delivery direct to you, via this website.

Everything Ampersand produces is with the upmost focus on quality, care and most of all, deliciousness, so I truly hope you enjoy the products we have here to offer.


Thanks & faithfully,


Grant Harrington.