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Soda Bread Bake at Home Kit with Extra Butter and Buttermilk *UK WIDE DELIVERY*

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Our delicious Soda Bread is incredibly easy to bake at home and everything is provided!

This Box Contains a recipe card and ALL the ingredients you need to make our AMPERS&ND Soda Bread: buttermilk, cultured butter, flour, bicarbonate soda, seeds, sugar, salt and oats (even butter for enjoying the bread with once baked!)
+ 1 + 3/4 X Extra AMPERS&ND butter wheel (1/4 used in the recipe!)
+ 1 X FREE AMPERS&ND buttermilk pouch.

The time from box to finished baked soda bread is 1hr20 minutes.

Total box contents:

Recipe Card
2 X AMPERS&ND Cultured butter wheels
2 X AMPERS&ND Buttermilk pouches
Bag of Bruern Farm Cotswold grown and milled heritage flour
Sachet of Baking soda
Sachet of Oat mix (UK grown rolled oats, soft dark brown sugar and salt)
Sachet of topping mix (UK grown chia seed, camellia seed, golden linseed and rolled oats)

Sourcing ingredients is incredibly important to us, both for our sustainable ethics and of course for deliciousness. For this recipe kit, we have sourced the following very best ingredients:

Bruern Farms Flour -

A bespoke Heritage wholemeal flour blend, grown and milled in the Cotswolds, exactly 16 miles away from our dairy.
Bruern Farms is a third generation family run farm in the North East Cotswolds. Passionate about the environment and work hard to create an eco-system where their farming practices produce healthy food whilst increasing biodiversity.

Hodmedods seeds -

We've mixed UK grown - Chia seeds, Camellia seeds and Golden Linseeds with rolled oats to create the most delicious crusty topping to the bread.
Hodmedods are pioneers in supporting UK crop diversity and are committed to providing quality food from British farms that are more sustainably produced.

AMPERS&ND Handcrafted Cultured Butter (200g) -

The butter-making process takes time and care. Cream from high-welfare British cows’ milk is first aged and cultured into a deliciously thick crème fraîche. Once rich, fresh and creamy, it is traditionally barrel churned, producing both buttermilk and cultured butter.

Ingredients: Holstein and Jersey herd MILK, salt and lactic cultures.

AMPERS&ND buttermilk (500ml) -

We take AMPERS&ND buttermilk straight from the butter churn & pop it fresh into resealable, recyclable pouches. Our buttermilk packaging also features the perfect buttermilk pancake recipe.

Ingredients: Holstein and Jersey herd MILK and lactic cultures.

Allergens: Contains GLUTEN and MILK